Where To Watch India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup 2024

Where To Watch India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup? If you want to catch the highly anticipated T20 World Cup match between India and Pakistan, you can do so by subscribing to the Sling TV Willow Cricket package. 

Willow TV offers high-definition coverage of every thrilling moment of this match. To watch, simply sign up for Sling TV, add the Willow Cricket package, and get ready to support your favourite team.

This article provides detailed information on Where To Watch India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup. Keep reading to find out more.

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Where To Watch India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup

Watching on Sling TV

What is Sling TV?

Sling TV is a popular streaming service in the USA that provides access to a variety of live TV channels, including sports channels that broadcast cricket matches. It’s a fantastic choice for cricket fans who don’t want to deal with traditional cable subscriptions.

How to Subscribe to Sling TV

  1. Visit the Sling TV Website: Head to the official Sling TV website.
  2. Choose a Package: Look for packages that include channels broadcasting the T20 World Cup, such as Willow TV.
  3. Sign Up: Create an account by providing your details. You might need a US billing address and payment method.
  4. Download the App: Download the Sling TV app from your device’s app store.
  5. Start Watching: Login, navigate to Willow HD, and enjoy the match!

Sling TV Subscription Costs

  • Dakshin Flex: $10 per month. Includes Willow HD, Willow Xtra, and several South Asian entertainment channels.
  • Desi Binge Plus: $10 for the first month. Includes Willow HD, Willow Xtra, and on-demand content from SonyLIV, Star On-Demand, and Hotstar Specials.

Both packages allow you to watch all 55 T20 World Cup matches live on Willow HD. Choose based on your entertainment preferences.

Features of Sling TV

  • DVR Capabilities: Record matches to watch later.
  • Multiple Devices: Stream on several devices simultaneously.
  • Customizable Packages: Pick channels that suit your needs.

Watching on Willow TV

What is Willow TV?

Willow TV is a dedicated cricket channel in the USA, offering comprehensive coverage of cricket matches, including live broadcasts, highlights, and replays. It’s perfect for cricket enthusiasts.

How to Subscribe to Willow TV

  1. Visit the Official Site: Go to Willow TV’s website.
  2. Choose a Subscription Plan: Select either a monthly or yearly plan.
  3. Create an Account or Log In: New users sign up; existing users log in.
  4. Enter Payment Details: Provide your payment information.
  5. Confirm and Subscribe: Verify your subscription.
  6. Download the App and Watch: Get the Willow TV app or access it via a web browser.

Willow TV Subscription Costs

  • Monthly Subscription: $7.99 per month.
  • Yearly Subscription: $69.99 per year (a discount compared to monthly).

Choose a monthly subscription if you only plan to watch the T20 World Cup, or a yearly one if you’re a year-round cricket fan.

Features of Willow TV

  • Dedicated Cricket Content: Live matches, replays, and highlights.
  • On-Demand Content: Watch past matches and special programs.
  • High-Quality Streaming: Enjoy matches in HD.

Finding the Match on Sling TV

  1. Open the Sling TV app on your device.
  2. Go to the “Guide” section.
  3. Look for “Willow HD”.
  4. Watch the match live on Willow HD. Check the Sling TV schedule for the exact timing.

Why Watch the T20 World Cup on Sling TV?

  • Live Streaming: Don’t miss a moment with live coverage.
  • Accessibility: Available on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and computers.
  • Affordability: Various packages to fit different budgets.

Additional Tips

  • Check the Schedule: Confirm the match date and time on Sling TV or Willow TV’s website.
  • Stable Internet Connection: Ensure a strong connection to avoid buffering.
  • Multiple Devices: Stream on multiple devices with friends and family!

By following these steps, you’ll be ready to enjoy the India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match live on Sling TV with Willow TV.


Watching the T20 World Cup match between India and Pakistan in the USA is easy and affordable with Sling TV. With high-quality streaming, multi-device support, and customizable packages, it’s an excellent choice for cricket fans. Follow the steps outlined above to ensure you don’t miss any action from this thrilling match.

We hope that in this article you have got a lot of information about Where To Watch India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup.


Can we watch the T20 World Cup on Hotstar for free?

Yes, you can watch the T20 World Cup 2024 on Hotstar for free on mobile devices using the Disney+ Hotstar app.

Can I watch the World Cup on Hulu?

Yes, with a Hulu + Live TV subscription, you can watch the FIFA World Cup, which includes channels like Fox and FS1.

Is Willow TV free on Roku?

No, Willow TV is not free on Roku. It’s a subscription-based service, though they do offer monthly and yearly plans. You can subscribe through their website and then access the content on the Roku app.

Who has won the most T20 matches between India and Pakistan?

India has won the most T20 matches against Pakistan, with a record of 9 wins out of 12 matches played.

Can you watch the World Cup on Amazon Stick?

Yes, you can watch the World Cup on an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

How many times has Pakistan won the T20 World Cup?

Pakistan has won the T20 World Cup once, in 2009.

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