Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2023: Schedule, Venue, and Time

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in Pakistan. The league was established in 2015 and has been held annually since then. The 2023 edition of the PSL will be the eighth season of the tournament.

The PSL consists of six teams Multan Sultans, Lahore Qalandars, Karachi Kings,  Peshawar Zalmi, Quetta Gladiators, and Islamabad United representing different cities in Pakistan. In this Article you read Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2023 Schedule, Venue, and Time the teams compete in a round-robin format, followed by playoffs, with the winner being crowned the PSL champion. The league is known for its high-quality cricket, star-studded lineup of local and international players, and passionate fanbase.

Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2023: Schedule, Venue, and Time

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PSL 2023: Venue

The tournament is made up of 34 matches from 13 February to 19 march and consists of 6 teams at venues Multan, Lahore, Karachi, and Rawalpindi

Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2023: Schedule

13 FebMultan Sultans vs Lahore Qalandars8.00 PMMultan
14 FebKarachi Kings vs Peshawar Zalmi7.00 PMKarachi
15 FebMultan Sultans vs Quetta Gladiators6.00 PMMultan
16 FebKarachi Kings vs Islamabad United7.00 PMKarachi
17 FebMultan Sultans vs Peshawar Zalmi6.00 PMMultan
18 FebKarachi Kings vs Quetta Gladiators7.00 PMKarachi
19 FebMultan Sultans vs Islamabad United2.00 PMMultan
19 FebKarachi Kings vs Lahore Qalandars7.00 PMKarachi
20 FebQuetta Gladiators vs Peshawar Zalmi7.00 PMKarachi
21 FebQuetta Gladiators vs Lahore Qalandars7.00 PMKarachi
22 FebMultan Sultans vs Karachi Kings6.00 PMMultan
23 FebPeshawar Zalmi vs Islamabad United7.00 PMKarachi
24 FebQuetta Gladiators vs Islamabad United7.00 PMKarachi
26 FebKarachi Kings vs Multan Sultans8.00 PMKarachi
26 FebLahore Qalandars vs Peshawar Zalm7.00 PMLahore
27 FebLahore Qalandars vs Islamabad United7.00 PMLahore
1 MarPeshawar Zalmi vs Karachi Kings7.00 PMRawalpindi
2 MarLahore Qalandars vs Quetta Gladiators7.00 PMLahore
3 MarIslamabad United vs Karachi Kings7.00 PMRawalpindi
4 MarLahore Qalandars vs Multan Sultans7.00 PMLahore
5 MarIslamabad United vs Quetta Gladiators7.00 PMRawalpindi
6 MarQuetta Gladiators vs Karachi Kings7.00 PMRawalpindi
7 MarPeshawar Zalmi vs Lahore Qalandars2.00 PMRawalpindi
7 MarIslamabad United vs Multan Sultans7.00 PMRawalpindi
8 MarPeshawar Zalmi vs Quetta Gladiators7.00 PMRawalpindi
9 MarIslamabad United vs Lahore Qalandars7.00 PMRawalpindi
10 MarPeshawar Zalmi vs Multan Sultans7.00 PMRawalpindi
11 MarQuetta Gladiators vs Multan Sultans7.00 PMRawalpindi
12 MaIslamabad United vs Peshawar Zalmi2.00 PMRawalpindi
12 MaLahore Qalandars vs Karachi Kings7.00 PMLahore
15 MarTBC vs TBC, Qualifier (1 v 2)7.00 PMLahore
16 MarTBC vs TBC, Eliminator 1 (3 v 4)7.00 PMLahore
17 MarTBC vs TBC, Eliminator 2 (loser Qualifier v winner Eliminator 1)7.00 PMLahore
19 MarTBC vs TBC, Final8.00 PMLahore

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Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2023: Schedule, Venue, and Time

PSL League winner list:

2016Islamabad United
2017Peshawar Zalmi
2018Islamabad United
2019Quetta Gladiators
2020Karachi Kings
2021Multan Sultans
2022Lahore Qalandars


Which team won the most title in PSL? 

Two tiles have been won by Islamabad United in the Pakistan Super League(PSL).

Who is the Most Successful Captain in PSL?

It is Sarfraz Ahmed, captain of the Quetta Gladiators, who has won 29 matches as the most successful captain in the league. 2016 and 2017 saw the team finish as runners-up and 2019 saw the team win the championship.

When is the PSL held?

The PSL is usually held in February and March each year.

How can I watch the PSL?

The PSL is broadcast live on television in Pakistan and is also available to stream online on various platforms. In some countries, the PSL is available on television and online streaming platforms through sports networks.

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