IPL 2023: “The Best Fast Bowlers Who to Look Out For”

So far in IPL 2023, we have seen a lot of fast bowlers in IPL team’s squads who rule the hearts of cricket fans because of their fast bowling like Jofra Archer, Mohammad Shami, Kagiso Rabada and so more. So let’s know some of the best fast bowlers in IPL 2023 to look out for and who is set to shine this season. Here’s a look at all the top-rated fast bowlers in the league.

Let’s take a look at the Best fast bowlers in IPL 2023:

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Jofra Archer (154.65 kph)

Best fast bowlers

England team’s best right-arm fast bowler Jofra Archer. In the 2023 IPL, he represented Mumbai Indians and last year he plays for Rajasthan Royals. He is a tall and athletic bowler who can able to do yorker continuously and consistently bowl at speeds up to 150 km/h. Archer has a natural ability to swing the ball both ways and can also bowl a Perfect Yorker. He is a handy lower-order batsman and can score quick runs when needed. However, he has been troubled by injuries in recent times and will need to be managed carefully during IPL 2023.

Jofra Archer’s top fast deliveries in IPL

  • 154.65 kph
  • 154 kph
  • 153.60 kph
  • 152 kph
  • 150 kph

Kagiso Rabada (154.23 kph)

Best fast bowlers

South Africa’s fast bowler Kagiso Rabada is growing as one of the best bowlers in the world. In the 2023 IPL, Punjab Kings bought him as a bowler for Rs 9.25 crore. Normal Rabada bowls at a speed of 140 to 150 kph, but so far he has bowled the fastest ball in his career at 154.23 kph. He is able to dial up his pace to a great extent and this was evident during the IPL 2019. 

In the 2023 IPL also cricket fans will expect him that he will show some aggressive bowling and uproot the stumps of the batsmen with his dangerous yorker.

Kagiso Rabada’s top fast deliveries in IPL

  • 154.23 kph
  • 152.55 kph
  • 150.65 kph
  • 150 kph
  • 149.70 kph

Mohammad Shami (153.3 kph)

Best fast bowlers

India’s team’s fastest and best bowler Mohammad Shami is representing Gujarat Titans in IPL 2023 and He holds the record for the third-fastest delivery bowled by an Indian bowler. So, cricket fans expect the best performance. Mohammed Shami has the art of the outswing, inswing, yorker, and bouncer by doing uproot the stumps of the batsmen with his dangerous bowling. 

So far her fastest bowling speed of Mohammed Shami is 153.3 kph and normally he bowls at a speed of 150 kph.

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Mohammed Shami’s top fast deliveries in IPL

  • 153.3 kph
  • 152.66 kph
  • 151.33 kph
  • 150.55 kph
  • 150 kph

Umran Malik (156.9 kph)

Best fast bowlers

Umran Malik plays for Sunrisers Hyderabad and he is also the fastest bowler in IPL as an Indian bowler. He recorded his name by throwing the fastest ball at 156.9 kph in IPL 2022 last year. So far her fastest bowling speed of Umran Malik is 156.9 kph and he normally he maintains her bowls at a speed of 155 kph. In IPL 2023, cricket fans are waiting to see the fastest deliveries by Umran Malik.

Umran Malik’s top fast deliveries in IPL

  • 156.9 kph
  • 156 kph
  • 154.7 kph
  • 153.7 kph
  • 153.3 kph

Lokie Ferguson (157.3 kph)

Best fast bowlers

New Zealand’s fastest and deadliest bowler also holds the record for bowling the fastest ball in IPL at 157.3 kph. In the IPL 2023, he will play on behalf of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). In the 2022 IPL, playing for Gujarat Titans, Loki Ferguson performed very well. So, in this year’s tournament, KKR and all cricket fans are expecting better performance. 

Loki Ferguson’s top fast deliveries in IPL

  • 157.3 kph
  • 153.9 kph
  • 153.3 kph
  • 151.5 kph
  • 150 kph

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Who is the fastest bowler in the IPL?

Shaun Tait is the fastest bowler in IPL history he has bowled 157.71 kph is the fastest ball.

What is the name of the fastest bowler?

Shoaib Akhtar is the name of the world’s fastest bowler all-time speed of 161.2 kph.

Who is India’s no.1 bowler?

Mohammad Siraj becomes India’s no.1 bowler.

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