ICC banned this star bowler before World Cup 2023

This year will be the ODI World Cup that will be held in India. In Zimbabwe, World Cup qualifiers are currently taking place, from which two teams will qualify for the main stage, while the other eight teams, including India, have already qualified.

ICC banned this star bowler before World Cup 2023

Kyle Phillip has been suspended from bowling in international cricket for using an illegal bowling action in the match against the West Indies in the World Cup qualifiers.

USA’s Kyle Phillip Suspended

In the meantime, there is bad news coming out of the United States of America, or the USA. Kyle Phillip has been banned from bowling by the ICC for taking a tough stance against the team’s fast bowler. In the World Cup qualifier against the West Indies, he used an illegal bowling action and was suspended from international cricket.

Why is Kyle Phillip Banned from International Cricket?

As the West Indies faced Kyle Phillip, he took three wickets for the team. The ICC confirmed that Kyle had used an illegal bowling action during the match against the West Indies after match officials reported Kyle’s action.

The Laws state that Phillip is immediately banned from bowling in international cricket, in accordance with Article 6.7. In the event that his bowling action needs to be reevaluated, he will still be prohibited from bowling in international cricket.

For the USA so far, it hasn’t been a good tournament. Their three World Cup qualifier matches have been lost so far. In their match on Thursday, the Netherlands won by five wickets. Consequently, this team’s chances of reaching the Super-6 have also been considerably diminished. According to the Group-A points table, UAS is currently ranked 5th. Monday, June 26 is their last match against Zimbabwe.

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